We work with businesses in the following sectors
  • Welding

    TIG, MIG and Submerged Arc Welding Systems

    We work with welding companies to build custom welding systems, finding the right balance of performance and cost.

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  • Heat-Treatment

    Vacuum annealing and brazing, induction hardening and tempering. Cryogenic hardening.


    We have significant experience in dealing with heat treatment plant and processing, including low temperature (cryogenic hardening) systems.

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  • Encapsulation

    Vacuum outgassing and encapsulation of electrical and structural components and composites


    We consult on techniques for reliable and reproducible manufacturing using vacuum pumped process equipment.

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  • Process Control

    Specialist process equipment and temperature control.


    We can advise on systems for temperature and pressure control in manufacturing plant and its immediate environment.

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